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X: the Best Of Just Like Humans Out Now



June 2024:

New single announced: “Longtime Companion,” coming soon. This piece intertwines the rich, emotive tones of the cello with lush electronic soundscapes, enveloped by a continuous drone adding depth and continuity, creating a unique and immersive listening experience.


May 2024:

X: the Best Of Just Like Humans released on all platforms.


April 2024:

Lies We Love has been released for the first time ever. This 2018 collection of electronic instrumentals was created from discarded ideas which didn’t fit a structure at the time. Listen and purchase here.


Watch and Listen to the Discography Video on YouTube

Just like humans

is one man and a computer.

For me, Just Like Humans has always been about retro-future electronic sounds and the exploration of layers, themes and beats. With an appreciation for instrumental film scores and the electronic sounds of the 70s and 80s, I have delved into the DNA of various genres throughout my time as Just Like Humans.

Now, I am reshaping the sonic fabric of my approach to writing and producing, while still preserving the essential DNA that defines my sound – it's evolving into something fresh and vibrant, and perhaps, more human yet still just one man and a computer.


A Selection of tracks from Just Like Humans on Soundcloud.

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