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Just Like Humans

electronic instrumental soundtrack


the best of just like humans

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X: The Best of Just Like Humans is 10 tracks spanning 10+ years from 2012 to 2023

1 Your Computer 2 Footwork and Wires - Dark Hearts Remix

3 If This Then That 4 Bleed Out 5 We Are Always

6 There’s Somebody Here - House in Redlands Mix

7 Leprous Hearts and Shaded Souls 8 Naked

9 Riding a Motorcycle Through an 80s Landscape 10 To Serve Man


Just Like Humans will release an 11th album titled “Temporality” in 2024 which will be based on thematic material and ambient drone sounds. More information coming soon.

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Just like humans

is one man and a computer.

For me, Just Like Humans has always been about retro-future electronic sounds and the exploration of layers, themes and beats. With an appreciation for instrumental film scores and the electronic sounds of the 70s and 80s, I have delved into the DNA of various genres throughout my time as Just Like Humans.

Now, I am reshaping the sonic fabric of my approach to writing and producing, while still preserving the essential DNA that defines my sound – it's evolving into something fresh and vibrant, and perhaps, more human yet still just one man and a computer.

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